Donna Campbell, Founder/CEO and creator of "The App That Pays"

     Donna Campbell resides in Grand Prairie,Texas as Founder & CEO of P2P Connection and the P2P Entrepreneurs Academy that was formed to bridge the gap between the successful entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one.

     Raised in a small town called Bogalusa, Louisiana, the desire to become a millionaire was ingrained into Donna’s mind while in the 8th grade. Donna graduated from Dillard University with a degree in Accounting and shortly after graduating went to work for a fortune 500 company as an Accountant. 10 years later she realized this was not aligning with her passion of assisting others and  became eager to learn what it really meant to become an entrepreneur and quickly realized it would be the vehicle used to accomplish that 8th grade dream.

     Donna was featured in Direct Sales Wealthy Women and has been certified as a Life coach and Public speaker, a graduate of God’s Leading Ladies Academy and was recently nominated for the 44th Presidents Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 1995, shortly after becoming an entrepreneur, Donna faced years of struggles, setbacks, roadblocks & many hours of complex work, after studying the Industry & mentoring with millionaires who guided & embraced her vision.  On June 15th, 2002 with only $313 in her bank account, Donna decided that it was time to put into action the knowledge that she had obtained over the years and within 28 months became the company's first African American Female Millionaire realizing that God orders our steps, but we must move our feet.  

     Donna has built organizations more than 70,000 and assisted many others in becoming wealthy beginning with a concept called “The Power of 3” and after earning her first million dollars developed a program called the P2P Entrepreneurs Academy. The Academy was accepted as part of the curriculum at several Universities and included a personally funded cash scholarship to the student Entrepreneurs who completed the course. The Academy now exist as an online self-paced program that teaches Entrepreneurs how to set up, run an audit protect their records to create a successful business that starts in the comfort of their own home. 

​     Donna founded P2P Connection in March 2014 to provide a platform that bridges the gap between the successful Entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one and she has a few beliefs that will guarantee success to anyone who incorporates them into their life. All activity that is directly related to any goal that is hoped to be accomplished is considered the preparation stage because “Preparation is the Key to Prosperity”, picture the outcome daily for it to become real.

The Mission and Purpose of P2P Connection is to provide Financial Literacy with an Instant Impact.

    Becoming a top leader in the industry was not difficult to obtain because of the relationships that were built over the years.  “If you want to be a leader in anything build relationships and put together a winning team”.   “Unleash Your Power to Prosper, Wake Up Your Will to Win, See It Before You See It and Let the Change Begin.

Donna Campbell